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I wake up early on a Sunday morning

...but only for the Bagels.

Bergen County High School Of Jewish Studies
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Welcome to the BCHSJS (xyz) community. The community is geared towards past, present and future students. But feel free to join us anyway, even if you just visited once with a friend, your friend goes, or you stumbled upon us by accident. It's here for students to discuss pretty much anything, from what you discussed in Ely's class, just to say "hey" and meet other students, and of course, to talk about the upcoming shabbatons or how much fun you had on the last one!

We Ask...

Please no racist, anti-Semitic, or bigoted remarks. Which also includes, no personal attacking or flaming.

No missionaries. No "messianic" Jews or Jews for Jesus. This community, is for the students of BCHSJS and we don't recognize those groups as being Jewish. However, people of other religions are more then welcome to join us, and are of course welcome to ask any questions they might have.

Please respect the different backgrounds and sects of Jews here. BCHSJS has a very diverse background amoung Jews, and accepts every level of Jewish practice, or lack thereof, and criticizing others' level of 'Jewishness' is discouraged. As always with BCHSJS, if you have questions, please feel free to ask them, and we'll try our hardest to answer them as best we can.

Please put long entries, pictures and articles behind LJ Cuts. Entries that are found to be violating this rule will be warned and asked to edit the entry. If it is not fixed, the entry will be deleted, no matter how important or good the picture/article/entry is.

LJ CUT (remove the asterisks):
<*lj-cut text="text goes here"*>

If you would like to contact the moderator/maintainer leave a comment, and in the subject put "Re: BCHSJS."