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Old Graduation Pictures

Hey Guys,

This weekend I was at Ely's for shabbat. During shabbat, some old friend of mine, and graduates from BCHSJS , Matt Bilow, Adam Levinson, and Rob Eis, stopped by for a visit. Just so happens, I was going through some old BCHSJS pictures looking for shabbaton pictures, and I found picutres from their 2000 BCHSJS graduation.

Matt (2000)

Eric (2000)

I actually didn't know that happened until after I developed them. But that's Adam (2000), Alex (a friend of many 2000 graduates), Becky (2002), and Shanee (2002).

From encampment 1999. I think that's Moriah (2003) upside down and Jess (2003).

More picutres to follow, as soon as possible. Please feel free to post your own!

Peace and Love,

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